Friday, November 4, 2016

Toys have changed

Toys have changed over years,the toys today are definitely a lot more high tech. Growing up
we made a lot of toys ourselves . Remember the paper airplane,really high tech stuff uh. The great
thing was it would fly. We spent hours trying to make it fly further, changing the design and even
adding paper clips on it ,to see if it would help.Did you ever split a broken wood bat down the middle of the barrel so it was flat .we used that to hit plastic practice golf balls . We taped them up with
electrical red or orange tape, then we had a game with a pitcher and a hitter.
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The toys of today with learning in mind give kids a great way to learn . There are lots of  hands on
toys that create a learning atmosphere while a having so much fun, and the kids love it! Watching
kids do things on their own is a wonderful experience for parents. The excitement on their faces,
the laughing, and look of accomplishment makes everyone proud . All of us parents and grandparents
should applaud the high tech , but give them some old school as well.

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