Monday, November 7, 2016

A Childs Room

A child's room ,full of color , vibrancy, love, and above all their space.  The best place they can
grow and learn about the world around them. That wonderful space that will inspire them to use
their mind and imagination . A place where they feel safe and secure ,ready to take on anything
and everything their mind can think of.

A child needs a space where they feel comfortable to read, play, or being the super hero that saves
the world. Building structures or robots with their hands and ingenuity . Making up their own games
and sharing them with friends. Their room, a place where they can go no matter how they feel, great ,
sad or in between . A child's room is their own wonderful private world.The place where he just hit
the game winning home run and she just scored the winning goal.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Toys have changed

Toys have changed over years,the toys today are definitely a lot more high tech. Growing up
we made a lot of toys ourselves . Remember the paper airplane,really high tech stuff uh. The great
thing was it would fly. We spent hours trying to make it fly further, changing the design and even
adding paper clips on it ,to see if it would help.Did you ever split a broken wood bat down the middle of the barrel so it was flat .we used that to hit plastic practice golf balls . We taped them up with
electrical red or orange tape, then we had a game with a pitcher and a hitter.
    Image result for paper airplanes

The toys of today with learning in mind give kids a great way to learn . There are lots of  hands on
toys that create a learning atmosphere while a having so much fun, and the kids love it! Watching
kids do things on their own is a wonderful experience for parents. The excitement on their faces,
the laughing, and look of accomplishment makes everyone proud . All of us parents and grandparents
should applaud the high tech , but give them some old school as well.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Looking for learning toys

It always happens: just when you think your child has found a child learning toy that she really enjoys, she seems to grow bored of it suddenly and toss it aside. A lot of parents might think that this is because the child is spoiled or that the novelty of the child learning toy has worn off, but this is not usually the case.

Novelty might have something to do with it, but the common underlying reason for a child losing interest in a child learning toy is that they have learned everything that the toy has to teach them. You will need to find a new source of stimulation, but don't throw that old toy out yet. If it taught a concept or a skill, that can be revisited later and reinforced, but only after a little while.

When you go to the toy store to look for a new child learning toy, your first instinct is to go with one that will likely keep your child occupied for some time. While this should be a concern, your primary one should be choosing a child learning toy that teaches a skill or a concept that is new to your child. This should be in key with your child's development (so don't buy math games for a four year old, hoping to give your child a 'head start')

The toys you buy your child will need to be constantly updated to ensure that they are learning and developing at the proper rate.

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